Although not living in Prague we have purchased an apartment as an investment in that city. Since 2008 and until end of 2015 Happy House Rentals has been the agency responsible to get the apartment rented; finally we decided to sell it, and with the help of Martina, that goal was also achieved after only one month; with the plus of not needing to travel to accomplish it.

I fully recommend working with this Agency. Very professional and committed.

Marc Mayo, Spain

With Happy House Rentals you can relax secure in the knowledge that everything is taken care of for you whether it’s buying, selling or renting by an expert and dedicated team of people.
John Flynn, Dublin

Dear Monika,
we are really grateful for the work you have done helping us to rent a house in Prague. You were so committed and precise, always in time for the viewings, ready to explain and assist - and we have achieved the needed result just in 4 days! Amazing job! Thank you very much - and thanks to your company for having such fantastic employees!
Evgenia Galstyan, Praha

Happy House je jednou z firem, která chápe, že pokud budou její zaměstnanci profesionální, příjemní a pohotově reagující na vzniklé situace, klienti budou spokojeni a majitelé realit šťastni, že tuto firmu objevili.

Daniela Mauleon , Praha

Tak si prohlížím staré účty a zjišťuji, že dnes je to 13 let co jsem vyhledala vaši kancelář a požádala o spolupráci. Naše spolupráce trvá, k mé absolutní spokojenosti, dodnes. Spokojenost klientů dokládá fakt, že za celé roky nebyla ani jedna stížnost na moje nebo vaše služby. Ráda jsem pozorovala, jak vaše společnost expanduje, modernizuje se, rozšiřuje svoje služby a tento trend stále trvá.

Přeji vám, abyste v nasazeném tempu vytrvali ke spokojenosti nás všech.

Dagmar Halešová, Praha

I can only highly recommend the agent Romana Thelenova, and Happy House Rentals after successfully closing a deal on the purchase of a new flat in Prague! Ms. Thelenova speaks perfect English, answered any questions I had right away, isn't arrogant like so many agents I've dealt with and in general it was an amazingly responsible experience. I've read about the unfortunate rip-off schemes that exist in the Czech real estate market (or at least they did years ago) and I was very weary. Ms. Romana did everything by the books, kept me updated on all the processes, explained the law and procedures as many times as I needed and made sure everything went smoothly. My flat had a debt on it from the previous owner and the agency took all the necessary steps to clear it, made sure the transaction went through a trusted escrow account and responded to all my requests without problems. It was really easy doing business with them! I've recommended Ms.Thelenova and happy house to my other American friend again.

Ostrovskaya Marianna, Praha


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